How We Help

At Trifold, we understand the many challenges that bookkeepers and small business owners of today are facing. Our team has multiple years of experience and have learned how to overcome those challenges, maintained our own long-standing successful businesses, and have a passion for helping those in our industry grow and flourish. And with the ‘Power of 3’, we are able to assist you or your staff with the following:
~ Review and/or supervise your work for learning purposes,
~ Mentoring and/or coaching for bookkeeping and/or business building,
~ Basic and Advanced bookkeeping courses,
~ Certification prep,
~ Starting or growing your business with our ‘Decide, Dedicate, Develop’ process,
~ Building your skill set,
~ Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage 50, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop products,
~ Designing your progression,
~ Developing business savvy,
~ Ethics & Integrity,
~ Resources ~ & more resources ~ from us & from our colleagues within the industry!
All of our services are adaptable and customizable to fit your needs.

How We Help:

Educate MeCourses

$1,999.00 (Cdn) which
includes course materials
(payment plan available)

Our ‘Educate Me’ package provides bookkeeping education. Our training is among the most comprehensive available in Canada and has been developed by very experienced bookkeepers who are also certified instructors. Our “Bookkeeping Fundamentals” course is focused on manual bookkeeping to provide you with an extensive understanding of bookkeeping fundamentals, regardless of the software you are using. We believe that knowing these fundamentals is a major contributor to what makes a great bookkeeper stand out from the crowd. This course runs for 13 consecutive weeks, is instructor-led, and is offered online in real-time.

A “Bookkeeping Mastery” course is also under development to enhance your ability to move forward in a bookkeeping advisory role. 

For more detailed information on this course or provincial Job Grants, please click here .

Guide MeMentoring

$265.00/month (Cdn)

Our ‘Guide Me’ package is one of our specialized offerings customized to fit your needs. It consists of regular meetings between you and at least one of our experienced bookkeeping advisors. We can provide a multitude of advisory services, including: 

~ Assistance starting your business or growing it, and enhancing customer relationships;

~ Mentoring and coaching for either bookkeeping or business-building needs;

~ Support to prepare for bookkeeping or software certifications;

~ Reviewing and/or supervising your work to ensure accuracy and your understanding of your processes and best practices;

~ Designing your next steps for creating action plans to accomplish your goals.

This package also includes email access between our meetings and is adaptable as you evolve.

Advise MeMentoring

$ customized (Cdn)

Our ‘Advise Me’ package is one of our specialized offerings customized to fit your needs. It consists of regular coaching meetings designed to move you to the next level in your knowledge or skill set. When your desire is to be the best possible at what you are doing, we can help you assess what that looks like and how to achieve it. Whether it is building a team, improving your business-savvy, or streamlining to work ‘on your business’ more than ‘in your business’, our Advise Me package covers it all! Meetings will be with at least one of our bookkeeping advisors who have multiple years of experience and are adept at helping you decipher and design your progression so you can become one of the best in the industry.

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