We educate bookkeepers across Canada
to become the best possible professionals through ongoing training, supervising and mentoring.

What you need, when you need it, at the level you want.


Trifold understands the challenges that bookkeepers and small business owners are facing today. Be prepared by choosing one of the following programs we offer:


Certified Training

Our education training is among the most comprehensive education available in Canada.
Our courses have been developed by very experienced, certified bookkeepers who are also certified instructors.

Software training is not bookkeeping training.


Got a Quick Question?

Our ‘Ask a Quick Question’ service allows you to get answers from certified bookkeepers on Bookkeeping and software questions.

We can be your ‘go-to’ support.


Coaching & Advising

Our support package consists of regular coaching designed to move you to the next level in your knowledge and skill set. Whether it’s building a team, improving your business, or simply streamlining your work, this package covers it all!

What you need, when you need it, at the level you want.

Private Online Training Courses

Canadian content and compliance

Learn in-depth about:

  • Business Ownership Structures
  • Financial Transactions & Source Documents
  • Payroll Basics and much more!

About Us

The ‘Power of Three’

We’re a unique team of individuals who are well established in the Canadian bookkeeping industry. Our passion is to educate those who wish to be better bookkeepers and for small business owners to understand more about their own books.


“The Trifold Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course was professional and informative. The instructors took the time to make sure each student understood the material and the small class size made it easy to ask questions. I feel much more confident in my skills!”

— Megan W.

“So glad I took the Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course with Trifold Bookkeeper Advisors. It was the absolute best decision I’ve made. They took me from ground zero up. The instructors are simply amazing, very knowledgeable, experienced and caring. Best training ever!”

— Ashioma I.

“The Bookkeeping Fundamentals course was a great course. It was easy to follow, the teachers were always there to help answer any questions, and I felt supported in my learning throughout.”

— Kate F.

We believe that small businesses deserve skilled professional bookkeepers to assist them in learning more about their company’s financial health.

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