The Trifold Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course was professional and informative. The instructors took the time to make sure each student understood the material and the small class size made it easy to ask questions. I feel much more confident in my skills!

~ Megan W.

Really enjoyed this course and was very helpful for furthering my career. Looking forward to the next level!

~ Jacqueline H.

So glad I took the Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course with Trifold Bookkeeper Advisors. It was the absolute best decision I’ve made. They took me from ground zero up. The instructors are simply amazing, very knowledgeable, experienced and caring. Best training ever!

~ Ashioma I.

I never imagined a bookkeeping course could be so much fun while staying relevant, current and comprehensive in its content. It helped me land a job, gave me a lot of confidence, and I looked forward to it every week. The instructors are amazing!

~ Erica G.

I could not be more thrilled with this course! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. They made each class and learning the material a joy!

~ Krystal T.

It’s been a wonderful learning experience with TBA. As a novice to bookkeeping, I acquired a great knowledge in bookkeeping through the detailed and well-explained sessions with the tutors.

~ Margaret O.

This course was simply amazing! I’m a full-time bookkeeper and was refreshing my skills and knowledge. This course gets down to the nitty gritty! From zero knowledge to a lot of knowledge in bookkeeping, this course is really catered for all. Great job, ladies!

~ Dana W.

I had a great time learning the basics of bookkeeping! I will start my job in September and feel confident about being able to serve my clients and problem-solve any issues that may arise. Thanks for the great course, ladies!

~ Kayse F.

The course was very well presented by Shelley and I really enjoyed being able to benefit from the expertise of all Trifold Advisors. Splitting it up over 12 weeks gave time in between classes to absorb the material. I highly recommend this course!

~ Louise C.

The way things were explained was easy to follow and even though I didn’t know anything about bookkeeping at the beginning, through the course I got to understand it. The teachers were nice, patient, and willing to help. Thank you!

~ Manny C.

The Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course was very thorough and great in teaching you the ‘why’ in bookkeeping. It helped me gain a clear understanding of the basics and is a great help in the long-term to give you the tools to problem-solve in the future.

~ Melissa O.

The Bookkeeping Fundamentals course created by the Trifold trio is a fun and comprehensive introduction to manual bookkeeping. It is engaging without being overwhelming and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Mastery course!

~ Olivia N.

I really enjoyed this course. It was very easy to follow. Everything was explained clearly. I had the help I needed when I needed it. Can’t wait for the Mastery course!

~ Amber S.

The Fundamentals course gave me a deep understanding of how bookkeeping should be handled from start to finish. Learning the “why” behind the transactions! Plus the teachers are great and truly create a safe space for learning.

~ Diane Z.

The Bookkeeping Fundamentals course was a great course. It was easy to follow, the teachers were always there to help answer any questions, and I felt supported in my learning throughout.

~ Kate F.

The Fundamentals course was a way for me to understand the bookkeeping process. I needed help in recognizing debits and credits in transactions, and these ladies made it very easy to learn. I highly recommend this course.

~ Linda H.

The Fundamentals course gave me a deep understanding of how bookkeeping should be handled from start to finish. Learning the “why” behind the transactions! Plus the teachers are great and truly create a safe space for learning.

~ Melanie V.

Doing the Bookkeeping Fundamentals with the ladies of Trifold was such a great experience. I have been out of school for 20 years and was nervous about getting back into it. The class had a very supportive atmosphere where it was okay to make mistakes.

~ Bridget A.

Fantastic class! I learned so much each class. The material was presented clearly and the practice questions were very helpful. Would highly recommend for any bookkeeper to take this class.

~ Kristi C.

The Bookkeeping Fundamentals course offered exactly what I was looking for. It provided a solid base of traditional bookkeeping knowledge that I can now apply in my work. I highly recommend to anyone looking to join the industry.

~ Leanne B.

One of the best business decisions ever made. The instructors took a complicated subject and made it easy to understand. Amazing teachers – could see the passion they have for what they teach and made us take pride in what we do. Loved this course!

~ Vanda P.

The Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course was just what I needed to build my confidence and get me going on my bookkeeping journey. I am looking forward to taking the Bookkeeping Mastery Course with these wonderful ladies.

~ Jen H.

For someone who has never done bookkeeping, I thought the material and informa$on covered was excellent. The presentation was fun and informative and the course instructors are extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to the next course they offer.

~ Rob B.

A well-taught course for getting a solid explanation of, and useful grasp on, the bookkeeping fundamentals. Thank you, ladies!

~ Nicole G.

This course has proved to be a boon for me providing me confidence and apt knowledge to grow my career. It let me discover my strengths and weaknesses and made me believe more strongly that there is always a scope of improvement to learn new things.

~ Seema B.

Taking the TBA Bookkeeping Course has been a great experience for me. I loved every piece of this training. It gave me great confidence in my bookkeeping career. Taking this course has been one of my highlights in my life. Thank you, Trifold!!

~ Katharina B.

Coming into this course with a basic understanding of bookkeeping and having no manual bookkeeping experience, I found that this course helped me build and solidify the full process of what is required to do Bookkeeping thoroughly and properly. Thank you!

~ Tarah S.

I strongly believe in continuous learning. Educating ourselves is one of the best ways to help others. Just recently, I completed a bookkeeping fundamentals course through Trifold Bookkeeper Advisors. My intent was to solidify my knowledge so I could best serve my clients. If you are considering a bookkeeping career, or even just want to better understand the financial side of your own business, I highly recommend taking this course. Marge, Shelley and Dianne are three of the top bookkeepers in Canada and they love what they do. Bookkeeping has never been so much fun!

~ Cindy H.

I have really enjoyed the program and classes! As a new person in the industry this course helped me to understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping. You can find a lot of the practical exercises followed by explanations of “why” and “how”. The Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course gave me more confidence in my everyday work and I would definitely recommend this for beginners.

~ Emilia C.

I took the Trifold Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course because I wanted to further my career and prep for my certification. Not only do I feel I have accomplished that, I also took away a lot more. The instructors are what sets this course apart from any other I have taken. I am excited for the new opportunities this course has brought me and would highly recommend.

~ Sandra B.

Trifold Basic bookkeeping online course brought me back to learning “manually” the basics and through this process I learned how much I didn’t know! Truly recommend this course to anyone that is searching for a better understanding or a newbie to the bookkeeping world! The teacher “Shelley” and her team were awesome to learn from and I cannot wait to continue with the next course with Trifold and con$nuing to learn and master the art of Bookkeeping! Highly recommend, the structure and material was very straight forward and a tool that you will always use in the financial part of your world!

~ Trish C.

I really enjoyed this course and thought it was very practical, to the point, and engaging. I am very happy I took it and look forward to the next level.

~ Marlene L.

I just wanted to thank you for doing this bookkeeping course. I learned so much valuable information. I am excited to take the next level. I did the bank reconciliation and was so happy to double-check my work This class has given me confidence, so truly – thank you.

~ Alayna J.

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