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Our training is among the most comprehensive available in Canada and has been developed by very experienced bookkeepers who are also certified instructors.

We teach you how to see the magic behind the numbers. We do a deep dive into small business finance through bookkeeping and how to read between the lines. Our goal is to help bookkeepers become an active partner in the growth of a small business

Our courses are focused on manual bookkeeping. We provide you with an extensive understanding of bookkeeping, regardless of the software you are using. We believe knowing the underlying principles are a major contributor to what makes a great bookkeeper stand out from the crowd.

Our courses are led by experienced, certified, professional bookkeepers and certified instructors who are industry award winners with successful businesses of their own. All classes offered in real-time with an online shared format.

Three Courses to Choose From

Fundamentals Course

32.5 hours of comprehensive training that encompasses all aspects of bookkeeping essentials and compliance. Start your bookkeeping career today!

  • 2.5 hours/week x 13 weeks

$1925 CDN

Advanced Course

This next level of training will enhance your ability to move forward in your bookkeeping career. Covers advanced tasks of Canadian manual bookkeeping.

  • 2.5 hours/week x 14 weeks

$2399 CDN

Course Package

Combines our Bookkeeping Fundamentals and Advanced Course into one. Take two in-depth courses in sequence with no interruption in your studies.

  • Payment plans available

$4200 CDN

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